There are many deserted beaches on the island but most of the time you will need a 4x4 to access them.
Most of the big beaches have a life guard on duty but do check if there is a life guard flag up and the color. Here are a few beaches that have easy access.


Playa del Muelle Chico

Inside the village of Corralejo you will find two harbour there is a small one that you can access from the heart of the town, take Calle Lepanto all the way towards the ocean and you will arrive in a small village beach where you will also find many cafes and restaurants this is a great beach for the kids.

El Burro

If you take a short ride out to the sand dunes you will find a 10km (6miles), beach along the left side of road.

The easiest access one is El Burro, you can park your car 10meters away from the water, you will find there is a walking path that will take you down to the water.


Playas del Castillo

As you arrive to El Cotillo you will find a football stadium on your right take the first left before it and continue the road to the left you will find your self on a track, continue the track until you see the beach on your right, there are many places to park along the cliffs and it will take you a small easy hike down the cliff side down to the beach

Los Lagos

Arriving in to El Cotillo continue the main road and follow the road to the left down towards the light house. As soon as you are leaving the last houses of El Cotillo you will find a beach on the left side of the road there is a small cafe on the beach.


Playa Blanca

In between Puerto del Rosario and the Airport, even being the capitals beach it is still a very clean beach and ocean, it overlooks the capitals harbor where many big cruisers dock.


Playa de Sotavento    

This 30km (18mile) long beach is situated on the southeast facing coast of Jandia Peninsula. Playa de Sotavento is the most know beach of the Canary Islands, there are many lagoons that form with the high tides and full moon.


Playa de Cofete

Situated on the west side of the Jandia Peninsula , it is a very dangerous beach for swimming even when it looks calm do not attempt to swim as there are massive currents. The beach is well worth the visit as you will get to see how it fells to be on a desert island.

Access to the beach is easy once you have got to Cofete but getting to Cofete is a 4x4 drive as the track is not very often fixed!

Some Other Fuerteventura Beaches

Ajui/Pájara Black sand

Alzada/La Oliva White sand

Beatriz/La Oliva White sand

Blanca/Puerto del Rosario White sand

Butihondo/Pájara White sand

Calas del Puertito/Puerto del Rosario White sand

Calas del Puertito/La Oliva White sand

Caleta de Fuste/Antigua White sand

Chica/Puerto del Rosario White sand

Corralejo/La Oliva White sand

El Aljibe (La Cueva)/Puerto del Rosario White sand

El Bajo Negro/La Oliva White sand

El Caserón/La Oliva White sand

El Castillo/Puerto del Rosario White sand

El Charcón/La Oliva White sand

El Cofete/Pájara White sand

El Dormidero/La Oliva White sand

El Islote/La Oliva White sand

El Moro/La Oliva White sand

El Morro de Potala/Pájara Black sand

El Muellito (Salinas)/Antigua White sand

El Pozo/La Oliva White sand

El Puertito/Pájara White sand

El Puertito (Los Molinos)/Puerto del Rosario Black sand

El Río/La Oliva White sand

El Rosadero/La Oliva White sand

El Viejo/La Oliva White sand

El Viejo Rey/Pájara White sand

Giniginamar/Tuineje Black sand

Gran Tarajal/Tuineje Black sand

Janubio/Puerto del Rosario Black sand

La Barra/La Oliva White sand

La Goleta/La Oliva White sand

La Lajita/Pájara Black sand

La Pared/Pájara White sand

La Solapa/Pájara Black sand

Las Coloradas/Pájara White sand

Las Lajas/La Oliva Black sand

Las Playitas/Tuineje Black sand

Los Charcos I/La Oliva White sand

Los Charcos II/La Oliva White sand

Los Charcos III/La Oliva White sand

Los Martos/La Oliva White sand

Marfolín/Puerto del Rosario White sand

Matas Blancas/Pájara White sand

Majanicho/La Oliva White sand

Médano/La Oliva White sand

Morro Jable (El Matorral)/Pájara    White sand

Playa Larga/La Oliva    White sand

Pozo Negro/Antigua    Black sand

Puerto Escondido (Matorral)    Puerto del Rosario    Rocks

Puerto Remedios/La Oliva    White sand

Punta Blanca/La Oliva    White sand

Punta Prieta/La Oliva    White sand

Sotavento/Pájara    White sand

Tarajalejo/Tuineje    Black sand

Ugan/Pájara Black sand