Duty free/tax allowance

These are your legal limits travellng back to the UK with Duty Free Goods

Cigarettes - 200 
Cigarillos - 100 
Cigars - 50 
Smoking Tobacco - 250gms 
Spirits - 1 litre 
Wine - 2 litres 
Fortified Wine (ie: port of sherry) - 2 litres 
Perfume - 60cc/ml 
Toilet Water - 250cc/ml 
Value of goods, gifts and souvenirs - €200


Open Monday to Saturday 8 am-2pm

(During the summer most banks are closed on Saturdays)

When cashing money have ready your passport and holiday address. Most banks have ATM machines to enable you to withdraw money outside banking hours.

When banks are closed your reception or car hire companies will change money!