The winter in Fuerteventura can be very dry there will be great cloud coverage most of the winter, the rain season is from October to March daytime temperature is around 21 Celsius and nighttime can get down to 10 Celsius. The summers can range between 21 Celsius at night and 35 Celsius during the day. 


106,456 people live in Fuerteventura (2013) it is said that the canarians are a mix of Spanish and Arab the locals of Fuerteventura are called Majoreros.


1,731sq km (668sq miles) Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands 


Spanish is the first language, and English the second, yet many young people will also know German and French 


Mojo is a must! go for this local sauce is good with any meat or fish. There are many kind of Mojos so make sure you try them all.

Gofio: a rough roasted wholemeal flour originaly made in the windmills dotted around the islands there are many ways to eat gofio in soups is the best known but there is also sweet gofio.

Goat Meat: there are many restaurants on the island that specialize in goat meat.

Fish: Vieja is the best of Fuerteventura but you must also try the traditional Sancocho canario, it is a salty fish served boiled with potatoes.

Vegetables: Papas arrugadas (wrinkly potatoes) and Potaje (vegetable and meat stew)

Cheese: Canarians are well known for their cheese making all our cheeses are 100% goat milk and sometimes they add some lamb milk. There are many different cheeses, gofio, pepper, etc...

Desserts: Frangollo, made of gofio and fruit syrup, bienmesabe and many cakes are also available do not hesitate to enter a PANADERIA (bakery) where you will find many sweet breads and cakes.