Artist and architect César Manrique designed the Morro Velosa viewpoint, which features a snack bar, gardens,
information on the geology of Fuerteventura, and a scale model of the volcanic island.
Morro Velosa is situated on the Tegú Mountain with a height of approximately 645 meters, it is located between
the protected Betancuria Rural Park and the Valle de Santa Inés.
It is one of the best places to observe the interior of the island, a Unesco Biosphere Reserve is Morro Velosa, a scenic viewpoint with stunning views of the northern area of the island including the dunes of Corralejo, the villages of el Cotillo
and Antigua.

The Stunning View from the Mirador of the North of the Island.

There is another scenic viewpoint about one kilometer to the north, called “Mirador de Guise y Ayose”.
This viewpoint includes two statues of Fuerteventura’s former kings (Guise and Ayose).